We aim to become a world-class development
engineering company by respecting the minds of individuals
and continuously refining our knowledge and skills.

The beginnings of Hashimoto Industry Group can be traced back to 1925 when we were founded as a small factory for processing metal screws that were used in electrical appliances and automobiles. In the course of almost a century since our founding, we have grown into a company that performs a wide variety of processing operations such as metal cutting, forging, resin molding, pipe processing and etc. In particular, we cater to the demands of our customers and have sought to enhance the performance of our products, which includes heat exchangers as well as water control valves and fittings suitable for hot water supply and hot-water heating systems.

CEO橋本 昌樹
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We are a pioneer of PPS
(Polyphenylene sulfide) resin components.
Hashimoto Industry Group is an integrated company that combines manufacturing operations with those of a trading company, and is a pioneer of PPS (Polyphenylene sulfide) resin components which boast exceptional heat resistance, wear resistance, chemical resistance, and dimensional stability that cater to the global market of hot water supply and hot-water heating systems.
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We carry out the development of diverse products ranging from core products to unit products and circuit designs.

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