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The vision of Hashimoto Industry Group

代表取締役 橋本昌樹 写真 代表取締役 橋本昌樹 写真
We aim to become a world-class development engineering company by respecting the minds of individuals and continuously refining our knowledge and skills.
President 橋本昌樹 President 橋本昌樹

The beginnings of Hashimoto Industry Group can be traced back to 1925 when we were founded as a small factory for processing metal screws that were used in electrical appliances and automobiles. In the course of almost a century since our founding, we have grown into a company that performs a wide variety of processing operations such as metal cutting, forging, resin molding, pipe processing and etc. In particular, we cater to the demands of our customers and have sought to enhance the performance of our products, which includes heat exchangers as well as water control valves and fittings suitable for hot water supply and hot-water heating systems. At the same time, we have built up our company’s development capabilities and expanded the range of technologies in use. In addition to deepening our knowledge of materials such as metals and resins, we have continued to offer products that meet the diverse functional requirements for the hot water supply and hot-water heating systems which draw on the unique attributes of these materials by harnessing our superior technological capabilities. Our company’s proprietary products are all tested and inspected in-house, and our supply system that oversees the entire process leading up to mass production is one of our greatest strengths. We are deeply grateful for the fact that these company’s strengths have been able to bring joy to our customers and offer them a peace of mind for many years.

In our company’s history of almost a century, respecting “minds” is the most important to us. Put differently, the respect for “minds” is the attitude of “being mindful of others” where we put our customers before ourselves, a principle that has motivated us to always take the tasks before us seriously. The superior technology and development capabilities of Hashimoto Industry Group today are the fruits of this labor, and we believe that these achievements are only possible because of the relationship and mutual trust between our customers and us. Our company’s mission is to enhance productivity by making full use of information technology and continue to evolve as we improve on our strengths developed in the past, while preserving our commitment to the “relationship and mutual trust” and the respect for “minds.”

We will stride into the future with pride as a development engineering company which has the passion to take on challenging operations and the innovation to disrupt existing conventions.

Management philosophy

“We aim to be a company that strives for innovation in manufacturing
and one which is indispensable to our customers”


In view of our corporate philosophy, Hashimoto Industry Group endeavors to gain the trust of our customers as a component manufacturer of hot water supply and hot-water heating systems that offers safe, high-quality products. In order to achieve this, our management is based on recognizing compliance as an essential requirement and performing our business operations with an acute awareness of compliance issues.

In addition, Hashimoto Industry Group has established strict compliance regulations and requires each and every officer and employee at our company to take compliance seriously, respect social norms, and act in accordance with our corporate ethics in the course of their daily work. We believe that these attitudes and actions will go a long way towards enhancing the corporate value of Hashimoto Industry Group.

Code of conduct

  1. As a good corporate citizen, Hashimoto Industry Group will respect human rights and
    contribute to society through our business activities.
  2. We will not discriminate or infringe on human rights for any reason, including an individual’s race,
    nationality, gender, religion, beliefs, place of birth, physical, intellectual, or mental disability, sexual orientation,
    gender identity, etc.
  3. We will comply with all laws and regulations governing the conduct of business activities,
    and will only act after taking into consideration local cultures and customs.
  4. We will never associate with anti-social forces that threaten the order and safety of civil society.
  5. We will not engage in any form of harassment, including sexual harassment and power harassment.
  6. We have enshrined the consideration for environmental issues and initiatives that address these issues
    as a core element of our management, and will ensure that our business activities can co-exist with the environment.
  7. We will comply with all laws and regulations pertaining to health and safety,
    and are committed to maintaining a safe and hygienic workplace environment.
  8. We are committed to the highest standards of safety in our product development and
    manufacturing processes in order to offer products and services that are of value to our customers.
  9. We will respect the different personalities, traits, and lifestyles of our employees, and
    will strive to create a corporate environment where they are motivated and can showcase their abilities.
  10. We will obtain, protect, and handle all information appropriately, and will strive to obtain, preserve,
    and protect our intellectual property rights appropriately in recognition of their importance.
  11. We will ensure that compliance-related tasks are rigorously carried out, and
    will strive to promote awareness of the compliance system and constantly improve it.

Our company’s Code of Conduct not only requires our employees to comply with various laws and regulations,
but also ensures that they are aware of the demands of society and are able to meet these expectations.
We have set up a “hotline” as a means of reporting any observed violation of the terms in our Code of Conduct.




Group companies

Hashimoto Metal Industry Co., Ltd.

Head office

2-5-13-701, Tagawakita, Yodogawa-ku, OSAKA 532-0021 JAPAN
Phone +81 (0) 6-6308-5010 / Facsimile +81 (0) 6-6308-5019

Akashi Factory

1-11, Minamifutami, Futami-cho, Akashi, HYOGO 674-0093 JAPAN
Phone +81 (0) 78-941-1212 / Facsimile +81 (0) 78-941-1020

Harima Factory

3-11-14, Higashihonjyo, Harima-cho, Kako-gun, HYOGO 675-0156 JAPAN
Phone +81 (0) 79-436-5312 / Facsimile +81(0) 79-436-5317

YJS Co., Ltd.

Head office

2-5-13-701, Tagawakita, Yodogawa-ku, OSAKA 532-0021 JAPAN
Phone +81 (0) 6-6308-5010 / Facsimile +81 (0) 6-6308-5019

Kakogawa Factory

146-7, Kakogawacho-honmachi, Kakogawa, HYOGO 675-0037 JAPAN
Phone +81 (0) 79-421-6227 / Facsimile +81 (0) 79-421-6275

Higashi Kakogawa Factory

Hiraoka-cho Takahata 520-9, Kakogawa, HYOGO 675-0103 JAPAN
Phone +81 (0) 79-457-0330 / Facsimile +81 (0) 79-457-3633

Kobe Industrial Machinery Factory

2-7-1, Murotani, Nishi-ku, Kobe, HYOGO 651-2241
Phone +81 (0) 78-990-0031 / Facsimile +81 (0) 78-990-0039

Y・J・S.Sakuraso. Co., Ltd.

Room608., No.18, Gufang Rd., Minhang District, SHANGHAI, 201102 P. R. CHINA
Phone +86 (0) 21-3409-1220 / Facsimile +86 (0) 21-3409-1221

YJS Trading(Thailand)Co., Ltd.

115 Rompo Business Center, Rimthangrodfaisaipaknam Rd., Khlongtoei, BANGKOK 10110 THAILAND
Phone +66 (0) 2-671-9038


Previous company chairman, Chohichi Hashimoto, established the company in 5, Nakatsuhamadori, Higashiyodogawa-ku, (present-day “Kita-ku”) Osaka. As Hashimoto Seisakusho, the company manufactures metal turnery such as electronic components and automotive parts.
The company moves to 1-26, Toyosakihigashidori, Higashiyodogawa-ku (present-day “Kita-ku”), Osaka. For a long time, the company continues to engage in the same type of turnery production.
The company moves to 4-15, Tagawadori, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, and renamed Hashimoto Neji Seisakusho, and continues its production of metal turnery.
The company incorporates as Hashimoto Metal Industry Co., Ltd. and Chohichi Hashimoto assumes the role of President.
Chohichi Hashimoto becomes Chairman, and Kiminari Hashimoto takes over as President. The company’s capital stock increases to 10 million Japanese Yen.
A new factory is established in Akashi, Hyogo. Our manufacturing base and merchandise store are operational.
The Kakogawa factory is established, operating as an assembly plant.
The Harima factory is established.
Kakogawa Factory relocated for business expansion.
YJS Co., Ltd. is established as a separate entity. The company operates at Kakogawa factory.
Celebrating the 80th anniversary of the company’s founding.
The Higashi Kakogawa factory of YJS Co., Ltd. is established.
Set the goal of productivity improvement “Reduction of Total Lead-time”.
The Y・J・S. Sakuraso. Co., Ltd. is established in Shanghai, China.
Established Table tennis club in corporate team of Hashimoto Industry Group.
Launch “Eco Heat Exchanger-DY®” for EcoCute in Japan market.
Exhibit at ISH Frankfurt 2013 trade fair in Germany.
YJS Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is established in Bangkok, Thailand.
Started “6S” improvement activities:
1. Seiri – Organization;
2. Seiton – Tidy;
3. Seiso – Cleaning;
4. Seiketsu – Cleanliness;
5. Shitsuke – Discipline (Keep it a habit);
6. Saho – Etiquette (Standardization).
YJS Co., Ltd. Kobe Industrial Machinery Factory is established and Safety Prayer Festival is held.
“Do your very best” is added to “6S” improvement activities and re-started it as “7S”:
1. Seiri – Organization;
2. Seiton – Tidy;
3. Seiso – Cleaning;
4. Seiketsu – Cleanliness;
5. Shitsuke – Discipline (Keep it a habit);
6. Saho – Etiquette (Standardization);
7. Saizen – Do your very best.
Japanese Tea Ceremony Club is established.
“Be smile” is added to “7S” improvement activities and re-started it as “7S+”.
1. Seiri – Organization;
2. Seiton – Tidy;
3. Seiso – Cleaning;
4. Seiketsu – Cleanliness;
5. Shitsuke – Discipline (Keep it a habit);
6. Saho – Etiquette (Standardization);
7. Saizen – Do your very best;
+ Sumairu (Be smile).