Japan's pro water system-related parts "craftsperson team YJS Group" are the only ones
to have successfully developed high performance plastic heat exchanger ready for practical use.
The Eco Heat Exchanger-DY, which is of the latest design, is highly functional,
environmentally friendly, and low cost,
defying the conventional wisdom of the world's air conditioning,
hot water supply, and heating industries.

Eco Heat Exchanger-DY
The world's first heat exchanger
made with a metal/resin hybrid material.


Improved efficiency

While using the most compact materials possible, we have achieved a huge increase in efficiency.

We have greatly improved performance with revolutionary "flat bellows process" copper piping.

With precise finishing and our copper pipes' advanced flattening technology, pressure loss is kept in check and heat transfer performance is stabilized.

Environmental conservation

Recycling and energy conservation.

Screws used in construction allow for easy material separation.

We have done our utmost to use the least material possible - our product is the lightest in the industry.

Cost reduction

The light weight and small size we have achieved due to our product's resin construction have enabled us to drastically reduce costs for both manufacture and transportation.

The weight of resin is approximately 1/6 the weight of copper.

Conventional products deliver 4 units per lot. Ours produce an extraordinary 10 to 20 units per lot and offer delivery of large lots.

Many makers of heat exchangers have stopped trying to produce useful resin pipes. We have succeeded - and succeeded at lowering costs as well.

More compact

An inability to choose a location in the layout of hot water heaters.The possibility of storage in dead space.

A complete shift in the existing image of piping, which was laid out inside a hot water heater.

Instead of laying out one main pipe, we combine smaller units to allow for discreet installation in dead space.

Reduction in assembly time

A simple form allows for a reduction in the time needed to assemble our hot water heaters.

Does not take up factory space.

A reduction in assembly time thanks to easy assembly.

Contributes to space-saving within construction factories.

Future heat exchangers

We are working to expand the use of our heat exchangers to applications beyond the hot water heater field, such as to vehicles, home electronics, air conditioners, heat sinks and more.

The characteristics "small", "low-cost" and "highly efficient" apply to all of our products. We expect that the Eco Heat Exchanger-DY will soon be known as the accepted heat exchange solution in various industries around the world.