Our strengths

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Hashimoto Industry Group is an integrated company that combines manufacturing operations with those of a trading company, and is a pioneer of PPS (Polyphenylene sulfide) resin components which boast exceptional heat resistance, wear resistance, chemical resistance, and dimensional stability that cater to the global market of hot water supply and hot-water heating systems.

While our products are all designed at our headquarters in Japan, they are manufactured in various sites across Japan, China, and Thailand. The eventual choice of manufacturing location is made by taking full advantage of the potential cost-efficiency, trade agreements, and geographical advantages, as well as taking into consideration the specific attributes of the product in question, in order to ensure that the interests of our customers are well-served. Production in China and Thailand is carried out based on production methods, an equipment and a mold determined by Hashimoto Industry Group by our partner manufacturing companies that have passed rigorous assessments and which harness proprietary inspection systems designed and developed by Hashimoto Industry Group. Regardless of the actual production site, our local subsidiaries adhere to strict management and supervision standards to maintain our product’s superior quality.

Product quality

In order to prevent quality-related issues, careful inspections are carried out in the production process from the product planning stage so that we are able to deliver the very best products. Hashimoto Industry Group places great emphasis on quality control, and inspects the performance of our products using our own proprietary inspection system that is highly regarded for its exceptional reliability.

Development capabilities Development capabilities

Extensive and reliable track record built on products related to water systems

Over the last half-century, our company has been pursuing better “water-handling technologies” and developing various kinds of products to enhance the performance of hot water supply and hot-water heating systems. As Hashimoto Industry Group is well acquainted with the features and required specifications of hot water supply and hot-water heating systems, we have endeavored to make improvements that outperform the needs and expectations of our customers. We form a team together with our customers from the product development stage in order to continue creating novel value alongside our customers.

Integrated supply system from development to mass production

We are not only involved in the production of existing products but are also engaged in the design and development from scratch of products that meet the high demands of our customers. We professionally engage with our customers to understand their requirements regarding their desired features, performance, cost, size, and regulatory requirements, and take charge of the entire process from prototype production, functionality inspection, to the establishment of a production system.

Expertise in the properties of various resin and metal materials

We have an extensive track record in the production of components for hot water supply and hot-water heating systems, and have accumulated deep expertise in processing a variety of materials such as resin, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and brass. We are familiar with the unique properties of different materials, possess information on raw material manufacturers, and boast our own in-house technology for optimizing the design of our products for hot water supply and hot-water heating systems. Our successful development of the world’s very first resin heat exchanger was built on this set of strengths.

Standardization of development process and data

In order to further enhance our value and competitive edge as a development engineering company, the standardization of our development process and data is also underway. By consolidating the massive volume of data that we have accrued from past development and design projects, we seek to improve our development data in the future with an eye on inducting AI (artificial intelligence)-assisted development and design, which would allow us to improve and standardize our development quality as well as lower work-hours and costs.

Production technology Production technology

Novel development ideas can only be transformed into reality with the support of superior technology and a high-quality production system. Hashimoto Industry Group actively undertakes challenging processing, resin molding, and assembly operations to achieve a high-quality finish at a low cost.