Environmental Efforts

At YJS, we deal in plumbing equipment (including goods for water control systems) that has a profound effect on people's everyday lives. As we use water in course of our daily routine, we believe it is important to place emphasis on the return of that water back to nature in the water regeneration cycle. With that in mind, we acquired ISO14001 certification for our environmental management system in 1997.

Our Philosophy

Understanding that global environmental protection in one of our most crucial operational challenges, YJS strives to be a "people and environment friendly business," that fosters a harmonious co-existence of man, society, and our environment.

Environmental Policy

YJS is cognizant of the natural resource consumption, air pollution, and waste generated at every stage of our process - from development, to manufacture, and sales - as well as indirect environmental effects at the production and use stages. We consistently promote preservation of the environment in all of our business activities based on the following policies.

1. Continued Improvement and Pollution Prevention

We will strive to reduce our burden on the environment and prevent pollution through constant improvement of our environmental management system.

2. Regulatory Compliance

We will comply with all regulations and additional requirements we may agree to concerning the environment.

3. Environmental Objective

We are keenly aware of both the direct and indirect effects on our environment of the activities that form the relationship between the manufacturer and client. We have determined, implemented and regularly revise our company's environmental objectives and plans based on an evaluation of all such effects.

4. Concrete Improvements

We promote resource conservation, energy efficiency, and proper waste treatment, making concrete improvements focused on the following.

  1. Promoting the spread of eco-friendly products
  2. Promoting the use of eco-friendly products
  3. Promoting proper waste treatment and recycling